Active Membership


  • Level 1 Membership
  • 2 years unlimited access to our content catalog
  • Includes 25 EPP upgrade share eligibilities
  • Participation in our Affiliate Program (2 Levels, 20% and 15% commission)
  • Can purchase EPP upgrade share eligibilites, with a distribution entitlement of 80%


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Already includes 25 EPP upgrade share eligibility (nominal $2,500).

One EPP upgrade share eligibility receives a monthly distribution from what we call the EP pool.

Our Active Membership provides 2 years of unlimited access to our entire network and content catalog, called by us “System Coaching Package”.

Included is the free participation in various, constantly recurring live individual coaching webinars in the diverse areas of expertise.

Included is the right to participate in our referral system and grants a commission of 20% for recruiting direct partners (first generation) and another 15% for indirectly referred partners, i.e. the partners of your partners (second generation).

Eligible to purchase “EPP upgrade share eligibility”, (denomination $100) with payout 80%.

An EPP upgrade share eligibility receives a monthly distribution from the so-called EP pool.

This is a participation of our members as “system coaching partners” in the overall success of the coaching project, whose goal is the increase and maintenance of the financial earning power of the individual (coaching partner), as well as the coaches and the company as a whole.

Here, 10% of every commission turnover ever made is distributed as well as profits from the other business areas flow into the “company investment strategy”.

The exact regulations are fixed and defined in the membership conditions and our Service Catalog

The total distribution is divided by the total number of activated EPP upgrade share eligibilities and distributed per month according to the current distribution entitlement resulting from the respective membership from 60% to 125% (here 80%).

Commission value of our Active Membership: $1,250

To upgrade to our T4-PRO Membership you still need 25 EPP-upgrade-share-eligibilities.

See all the membership differences here.

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