Marketing Managed Package Pool




With the purchase of a so-called pool MMP, a marketing service contract is concluded with the following rules:

From $200 you participate in our MMP pool. In denominations from $200 upwards, can be increased at will. 

We constantly set up different advertising campaigns. We develop the ads, define target groups, create the campaigns, monitor, and optimize everything permanently, including, for example, the installation of the Facebook Pixel, i.e., complete control. 

As a result, we get so-called “leads”, meaning interested people who sign up for the webinar. According to the total proportion of the campaign, these leads are passed on to you, meaning they are directly assigned. 

After the info webinar, the registration, the questionnaire, and the scheduling of the info call take place, which leads to sales. All leads will be forwarded to you proportionally. From these, the registrations and sales are assigned to you, and accordingly, new “customers/partners/members.” 

Optionally, you can choose to do the info calls yourself with additional commission or leave it to our T4 support team. 

Our memberships are already equipped with one or more MMP pool units, which activate growth and thus success for ALL. 

The commission value is compensated by the purchase of the memberships or products and is not foreseen for future packages, as the success of the campaign is also compensated by additional commission according to the commission plan. 

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