Minute Trading Course


Learn how to “minute” trade. How to reliably get profits in trades lasting mere minutes!

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Learn how to make profits in “Minute Trading”! Minute trades are trades that last anywhere from less then 1 minute to an hour, they can bring upwards of 100% profits and best of all do not require a high capital risk!

This course includes the following:

  • Trading course consisting of several parts.
  • At the end of each course, assignments for the respective part of the course are to be completed and submitted. Based on the assignment solutions, our course instructor will conduct an assessment and provide appropriate feedback.
  • Course for getting started on Binance.
  • Course for getting started with Tradingview.
  • T4 Trading-Checklist.
  • Profit Table (Calculate your trading profits).
  • Beginner’s Guide (How do I start?).
  • Rules & Guidelines for Trading.
  • Access to our T4-Trading-Group (Included for 6 months).
  • Access to the T4-Pulse-Indicator.
  • Access to our Lagging Span Signals (Included for 6 months) β‡’ Coming Soon!
Depending on your Membership, the pricing and commission values for this course differ according to the table below:
Membership Price Commission Value
Diamond, Gold Included in Membership $ 0
Pro $ 700 $ 280
Kickstarter, Starter $ 999 $ 399.60

Extensions for our T4-Trading-Group and the Lagging Span Signals can be purchased separately.
Our T4-Pulse-Indicator can be purchased separately for $ 399.