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Updated: 2022-05-21

First things first:

We are not a bank, fund or investment company. To that extent, we do not manage third party money, we do not collect third party money, and we do not invest money from or for third parties.

We are a coaching platform, teaching content through the ‘system coaching’ developed by us, namely on the topic of ‘sustainable and decentralized money earning in the Internet’, as well as a lot of associated modules in many important topic fields, for example: security, inflation protection and value preservation.

We support and encourage our coaching partners, by sharing our knowledge, our platform and our profits, on their individual way to their individual goal.

According to our motto:

-If our partners invest in their further education, then we also invest in our partners.-

We achieve this through our EPP system, which was designed precisely for this purpose.

Here, we voluntarily submit to the rules that are necessary, solely out of the realization of the optimization effects for all parties involved. WIN-WIN situation!

Coaching objectives:

Achievement of monthly liquid income through active advertising and use of our ‘System Coaching’, with attractive commissions from our affiliate program.

Achieve monthly liquid income by actively trading and using our ‘System Coaching’, for training in all areas of Blockchain technology.

Achieving monthly liquid income by actively trading and using our ‘System Coaching’, for training in lucrative areas of the real estate trading, as well as various other sources of income.

Monthly liquid income through distribution of EPP (Earning Power Pool) earnings. This guarantees success from the beginning and gives security in possible phases of personal crises of individual partners, which lead to temporary inactivity, often difficult to assess in terms of time, and which are therefore likely to endanger the overall individual success of the partners.

Therefore, we are a reliable partner especially in difficult times and our EPP system helps to quickly put crises behind and to continue with new strength.

The amount of the payout is predicted to be about 1%-3% + X% per month. Current figures, as well as the average result achieved in each case from the beginning, can be viewed on the platform (live in each case).

It results from the participation in the marketing success of the company (growth) as well as in the earning power from investments of the company in the field of crypto, and real estate as well as movable business and ‘diverse‘, which will be distributed proportionally into the pool upon realization.

The target forecast is based on the real results and can both exceed and fall short.

In this way, the member should not only participate directly and immediately in the sales and marketing success, but also in the overall long-term investment strategy.

The goal is on the one hand to generate the highest possible monthly income from personal, active advertising/trading/property trading/other and on the other hand to achieve the highest possible, long-term scalable, monthly total income distribution, which represents a resilient, calculable, genuine passive income.

The member achieves this fully automatically, while he upgrades his training to the next higher member partnership in each case (upgrade), in order to open up the next level of his training and his individual coaching (Level1-4) in each case.

Use of funds:

From each turnover transacted in our market place 10% flow to the ‘EPP’ in real time (+10% = defacto 20%, for the covering of the requirements of the GOLD memberships, thus plus further 10% into the for members, for ‘simplification reasons’ not visible so-called ‘GOLD pool. ) as ‘commission/deposit’ to.

The ‘EPP’ is live in the platform, so that all members can see the respective situation (glassy).

Example 1: If a Pro-Membership is purchased, the ‘EPP’ immediately receives a credit in the amount of 10% of the commission base, in this case 200$. Another 200$ will be credited to the GOLD pool (not visible) to fund the increased participations, from Pro-PLUS-GOLD and higher.

Example 2: If, for example, a website or promotional video or other is purchased, the ‘EPP’ will immediately receive a credit of 10% of the commission base from that product… etc.

50% or less of the funds collected from the sale of ‘T4-Pro’s products’ on a cost-adjusted basis are used to permanently optimize the platform, improve marketing services and thus ensure growth…etc.

50% or more of the funds collected from the sale of ‘T4-Pro products’ on a cost-adjusted basis are used to invest in accordance with our overall investment strategy. Profits resulting from this flow to 25% (+25% = 50%!), defacto 50%, to cover the claims of the GOLD memberships, thus a 50/50 rule, to the EP pool and the GOLD pool as income.

The weighting of the use of funds is determined by the management and can be changed again at any time. (Flexibility to maintain the ‘balance’! … Another teaching content from level 4).

Examples of inflows:

a.) realized price gains from crypto trading.

b.) realized (utility adjusted) net rental income.

c.) realized net sales gains.

d.) realized gains from various exposures, e.g., equities (e.g., dividends/sale proceeds) or special other trading gains.

Pool earnings from the ‘EPP’ are distributed each month, at the end of the month, to members and per share, according to their ‘distribution entitlement’ (80%-125%) based on the active membership achieved. The first time at the end of the month following the acquisition.

Distributions are made on a pro rata basis and, depending on eligibility, to the total active shares.


For example, if the earnings for the month under consideration are $2,000 and the total active EPP-Upgrade-Share-Eligibility is $100,000, each EPP-Upgrade-Share-Eligibility will receive a distribution of 2%.

For example, if a T4-Pro member owns 125 Epp-Upgrade-Share-Eligibilities , a nominal $12,500, he or she will receive 2% = $250 distribution in that billing month. If the total is $3,000, or 3%, the member will receive $375; if the total is $6,000, or 6%, the member will receive $750.

If a T4-Pro-Diamond member owns e.g. 600 Epp-Share-Eligibilities, i.e. nominal 60,000$, he will receive 2% * 125% = 2.5% = 1,500$ distribution in this settlement month. If the total result is 3,000$, i.e. 3%, he/she will receive 3% *125% = 3.75% = 2,250$ distribution. If the total profit is $6,000, i.e. 6%, it will receive 6% *125% = 7.5% = $4,500 payout.

All distributions represent the total result of the ‘work’ done and are thus quantifiable, as an absolutely scalable ‘earning value’ of the overall concept.

Added value through earnings power achieved in real terms, i.e. a scaled ‘proof of work process’, is mapped and forms a possible basis for future transfer to blockchain technology and tokenization.

In principle, only active memberships can participate.

If a membership expires (applies exclusively to Kickstarter and Starter memberships, i.e. Level 1) and is not renewed, all benefits accrued up to that point and not yet used (commissions and other distributions or benefits) expire.

Note: If 2 EPP’s are purchased, the membership term will be extended by 1 month each.

From 01.08.2022, the following rule applies to all credits in the dashboard:

A credit is freely available for you for exactly 6 weeks, i.e. 42 days.

This means:

Within these 42 days the credit MUST be used. Be it to make purchases in the marketplace or by requesting a payout to your wallet.

After the 42rd day the credit expires and can no longer be used.

Upon expiration of a limited membership, the membership account will continue to be active internally for 3 months (90 days). Should the membership be reactivated within these 90 days, all accrued services will be fully available to the member.

On day 91 of inactivity, the membership account will expire and all benefits provided will revert to the operator platform.

Further regulation:

Existing partners can purchase new EPP-Upgrade-Share-Eligibility until the 20th of a current month, which will then be active in the following month.

Thus, the ‘overall training and coaching goal’ is: Diamond

  1. To pick up the partner at his individual entry point appropriate to his personal situation.
  2. To guide the partner through the different training levels at his individually determined pace.
  3. To give him the necessary support and the strength of the community at all times along the way.
  4. To assist especially in crises not only with ‘words’ but with ‘countable’. EPP system

Service catalog regarding memberships at

Preliminary remark

All content on the platform is subject to copyright protection. No content (in whole or in part) may be duplicated or distributed without prior written permission (email is sufficient). Neither by publication (e.g. in social media) nor to other third parties who are not members of Excluded from this are the promotional materials available for promotional activities in the marketplace.

All contents of the platform are exclusively available to our members for personal use. 

Any violation of this agreement will result in the immediate blocking of the member’s account. We reserve the right to claim further damages.

Our coaching system is divided into 4 different levels

Level 1

This concerns the following memberships:

  • Trainee Membership

Corresponding descriptions of the memberships and links to the membership conditions are stored in the marketplace and are visible by clicking on the corresponding memberships and in the description by clicking on “Membership conditions”.

Included in the scope of services is:

In general, the use of our platform with all inherent modules, functions as a fully equipped “own instrument case”.

Administration and info dashboard, marketplace, products, commission system, videos and other materials, as well as live webinars and videos on all relevant topics, especially recurring “Q&A” live calls and other “meeting” calls.

Basic Training Topics (excerpted):

  • Financial system monetary inflation, etc.
  • Blockchain, crypto, wallets etc.
  • Basics marketing sales.
  • Personality development, mindset and focus.
  • Internet marketing (social media).Train

Level 2

This pertains to the following membership:

  • T4-Pro 

Corresponding descriptions of the memberships and links to
the membership conditions are stored in the marketplace and become visible by
clicking on the corresponding memberships and in the description by clicking on
“Membership conditions”.

Everything contained in Level 1 plus:

  • Basics Capital Management
  • Basics of international company law
  • Company formation
  • Limitation of liability
  • Fundamentals of technical analysis for crypto trading.

Level 3

This covers the following membership:

  • T4-Pro-GOLD

Corresponding description of the memberships and link to the membership conditions are stored in the marketplace and become visible by clicking on the corresponding membership and in the description by clicking on “Membership conditions”.

Everything contained in Level 1 and 2, plus:

  • Advanced Marketing
  • Technical Analysis
  • Crypto day trading courses
  • Signals for day trading
  • Courses for crypto minute trading
  • Real Estate Basics
  • Real estate investment programs
  • Individual coaching sessions by appointment or as part of the individual course programs
  • Possibility of participation in the “inner circle teams” for marketing and trading.

Level 4

This covers the following membership:


Corresponding description of the membership and link to the membership conditions are stored in the marketplce and become visible by clicking on the corresponding membership and the description by clicking “Membership conditions”.

Everything contained in Level 1,2 + 3, plus Inner circle member!

T4 Crypto Diagnostics

T4 Crypto Diagnostics is a written Long-Term oriented overall forecast, which is created taking into account the following data and made available in the platform:

  • Technical, methodological analysis, advanced algorithm Artificial Intelligence (weight 34%).
  • Linguistic algorithm for US political and world economic trends (8%).
  • Wall Street price & time suppression (6%), Wall Street playbook from insider sources (2%).
  • Proprietary and conventional standards of conduct (8%), Market conditions (weight 5%).
  • Market capitalization (weight 7%), marketing capacity (weight 5%).
  • Market sentiment and attitude/emotions (weight 8%), social media status and coverage (weight 7%)
  • NEW – Induced operational manipulation (3%), Not disclosed (7%).

Further, these diagnostic reports incorporate the evaluation of a wide variety of “on-chain analysis” and other “sentiment analysis.”


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